Zoo Laka Taka

Ranga Chary (Ramana Murthy) is a Brahmin & Alexzander (Kota Shankar Rao) is a Christian, both of them are close friends lives in opposite houses. Madhava Chary (Chandra Mohan) son of Ranga Chary loves Alexzander's daughter Mary Karuna (Kalpana) as their parents get to know about them. They reject their marriage proposal as they belong to different castes. In order to win their love, they will commit suicide. Then enters into the scene Prabhu (Rajendra prasad) son of Alexzander who will be in love with Madhava Chary's sister Radha (Tulasi) after the death of Madhava Chary and Karuna, Prabhu along with his love Radha and his grandfather Hitchcock (Allu Ramalingaiah) teaches a lesson to both the families and marries Radha.

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