Vichithra Kutumbam

N.T.R plays the role of a lawyer and Savitri plays the role of his timid wife.Krishna's role is that of N.T.R's short tempered brother who involves himself with unnecessary quarrels in the village.Savitri tries to protect Krishna from these quarrels.Savitri's father saves 1 lakh rupees with Nagabhushanam,the landlord of their village.When one day when Savitri goes to Nagabhushanam's house for collecting her money he asks her to come some other day to collect the amount...on her way back to her home she witnesses a murder done by Nagabushanam's acolyte creating fear in her. Meanwhile N.T.R gets into trouble with Nagabhushanam regarding some land issue on behalf of the villagers and also helps Sobhan babu, (brother of Nagabhushanam) to marry without Nagabhushanam's permission which irritates Nagabhushanam.When Savitri goes again to collect her money from Nagabhushanam, he warns her that he will take revenge against her husband (N.T.R). On hearing this Krishna,who accompanies her gets angry and warns Nagabhushanam.Angered at this , Nagaabhushanam puts up false case on Krishna accusing krishna of beating him in his house and surprisingly Savitri also admits to it.Rest of the story is why savitri took such a decision and how N.T.R teaches a lesson to Nagabhushanam.

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