Sankarlal is a 1981 Indian Tamil language drama film written and produced by T. N. Balu. Starring Kamal Haasan and Sridevi in the lead roles, the film was partially directed by Balu who died half-way during production. The film was eventually completed with N. K. Vishwanathan as director. Kamal Haasan plays a father-son dual role in this movie which begins with an ordinary man Dharmalingam (the elder Kamal Haasan) vacationing in Ooty with his family where he is framed for murder by a criminal named Chelladurai (R.S Manohar) and is jailed while his wife, son Mohan (the younger Kamal Haasan) and daughter (Seema) all end up split from each other. After several years, the vengeful Dharmalingam returns to confront Chelladurai as the secretive Sankarlal and also desperately is on the lookout for his lost family. Chelladurai has meanwhile kidnapped Hema (Sridevi) for ransom and Mohan is deputed by Hema's father to rescue her. This results in Dharmalingam and Mohan locking horns in their fight against their common enemy Chelladurai.

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