Santhanam is the story of Laxmi, Ramu and Babu the three siblings, whose mother died immediately after delivering Babu. Their father (S.V.Ranga Rao) couldn't handle the poverty and in order to earn more money he works continuously and loses his eyesight and leaves the house. All the three children, not able to pay the rent, leaves the house. While travelling in a train, Laxmi and Babu sits together but Ramu is somewhere else and they got seperated. Laxmi starts living in Mohan's house whereas Babu is been kidnapped but had been saved again by a man. Here Ramu joins in with a drama company. All the three had been separated and starts to live their lives. But one fine day all the three reunites again. How did this happen? Cast : Savitri, Sri Ranjani, Kusuma, Nageshwar Rao, Relangi, Ranga Rao, Chalam, Amarnath, Mikkilineni, Ramana Reddy, Kutumba Rao, Director: C.V.Ranganath Das, Music Director : S.Dakshina Murthy.

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