Gang Leader

Raghupathi (Murali Mohan), Raghava (Sarath Kumar) and Rajaram (Chiranjeevi) are brothers. Raghupathi is the only bread winner of the family. Raghava is preparing for Civil Services Examination and Rajaram is unemployed. Rajaram and his four friends are a gang and are searching for jobs daily. They roam in the city till mid-night. Rajaram comes home at mid-night and sleeps till afternoon, his grand mother (Nirmalamma) yells at his irresponsibility and carelessness. One day Rajaram makes Kanya Kumari (Vijayashanti) to vacate the house on a payment basis as she is not paying the rent to the house, Subsequently she changes her place to Rajaram's house. At one situation Rajaram goes to jail for money, because his brother requires money as he wants to go to Delhi for IAS preparation. Ekambaram (Raogopal Rao) and his brother Kanakambaram (Anandaraj) kill Raghupathi (Murali Mohan) when he gave a police complaint for a murder he witnessed. His brother (Raja Ram) was still in jail when this happened, but Rajarams` friends know how he died. Rajaram thinks his brother's death was an accident. Raghava becomes an IAS officer, and marries Sumalatha, which was a scheme planned by the duo brothers Ekambaram and Kanakambaram. Sumalatha hates Raghava's family members. Kanya Kumari loves Rajaram and his family members. Meanwhile Rajaram comes to know about his brother's death and inquires who was responsible for his death. Even his friends were also murdered by Ekambaram and Kanakambaram at that time. Rajaram is framed by them for his friends murder and Raghava disowns him. With the help of Kanya Kumari, Rajaram escapes from jail and she reveals that she is Ekambaram's daughter. She ran away from home after her father killed her mother and began moving into other people's houses. After hearing this, Rajaram also falls for Kanya Kumari. The film ends with Rajaram taking revenge by killing the villains.
Casting: Chiranjeevi

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