Enga Mama

Enga Mama is a 1970 Indian Tamil language film, directed by A. C. Tirulokchandar and produced by P. K. V. Sankaran and Arumugam. The film stars Sivaji Ganesan, Jayalalithaa, Vennira Aadai Nirmala and Cho in lead roles. The film had musical score by M. S. Viswanathan.Koteeswaran, (Sivaji Ganesan) is an orphan who runs an orphanage to aid children who share a similar fate as his. Being poor, it is hard for him to take care of the needs of these children. One day, he saves a young woman Sitha (Jayalalithaa) from committing suicide. She is in love with Ravi (Balaji) who is promiscuous. He has seduced a woman, a dancer (Nirmala) and has a child by him. He promises to unite her with Ravi in return for money. He works on her appearance to make Ravi fall for her but Koteeswaran falls in love with her along the way. How the problems are solved forms the rest of the film. The villain is forced to change his mind and accept the dancer and her child. Koteeswaran and Sitha get married and take charge of the home and the children.

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