Dasa Thirigindi

Gopi (Murali Mohan) is a very pampered child of Alivelu and Veerayya. He falls in love with Radha (Deepa) daughter of a rich person of their village. Radha's father wants her to marry Anand (Nutan Prasad) who is their relative. Anand comes with his parents and sister Shobha (Jyothi) to meet Radha and discuss about their marriage. But Radha refuses to marry him and tells her father about her love affair. Radha's father beats Gopi and warns him to forget Radha. Gopi's parents don't want to mess up with Radha's father and hence they send Gopi to city to meet Shobha's father and also gives him a letter to show him. But Gopi looses the letter but anyhow reaches to Shobha's house. There he is shocked to see Radha but feels happy about it. Anand who is not happy to see Gopi in their house plans to marry Radha as soon as possible so that he can get the ownership of his father's as well as father-in-law's property. Anand's friend tells him about the secret which he read on a peper fallen on the ground. Anand wants to use this secret as a means to get the property. But Sundaram (Chandra Mohan) who is in love with Shobha tells Gopi about this secret. What is the secret that Gopi wants to tell eveyone but Anand wants to hid it. Check out this movie Dasa Thirigindi to know the climax.

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