Krishna Murthy (Rajendra Prasad) is a software company officer. His friend Satguru Murthy (Brahmanandam) is his peon in office. Krishna Murthy also has a wife, Satyabhama aka Bhama (Surabhi), who keeps doubting him due to his interest in women. He joyfully stays with everyone and works. At one point, in a police station, Krishna Murthy notices that Bhama has an elder brother, Sub-Inspector Ravi (Naga Babu), and becomes friends with him. Funny happenings also occur between the two. One night, Krishna Murthy is in his car and finds a pregnant woman and gives her a lift. Knowing that she needs help, he keeps her in his house until the baby is delivered. He keeps her in a room and stays outside. After the baby is delivered, he goes to get water and when he comes back, the woman is seen dead on the bed. Krishna Murthy is shocked. After seeing her death, Ravi enters in. Krishna Murthy is very tensed wondering what could happen if Ravi sees the dead body. Ravi hears the baby crying from downstairs and later sees the woman. But though Krishna Murthy claims that he didn't kill her, Ravi doesn't believe him. Then Ravi gives Krishna Murthy a tip saying to bury the woman so no one knows about it. The next day, Bhama returns and sees the baby and Krishna Murthy trying to play with him. Though Bhama asks her husband who the baby is, he diverts her into saying that the baby is their own child. After funny happenings occur between the two, Krishna Murthy notices a man named Naidu (Nizhalgal Ravi) who keeps hunting him down through the case of the killed woman. Later, Ravi is informed by Krishna Murthy that a man is after him in the situation, and wants to catch him. Another night, Krishna Murthy goes out to check on the dead body, but Bhama spots him and surprises him that the body is not there and it's been found by the police. After Krishna Murthy is arrested and thrown in prison, he is forced, to tell the truth about the murder and he tries not to talk about Ravi in the case as he doesn't want him to be suspended. He again meets Naidu who keeps annoying him about the situation. Soon Naidu reveals that he is a CBI Officer who is investigating the murder of Jayanthi, as he recalls. And he also reveals that Ravi is Jayanthi's husband while handing a letter that Jayanthi has wrote. Krishna Murthy is shocked and now comes to an end saying that Ravi is the one who has killed her. Bhama, who is at her house, sees Jayanthi's clothes and finds a cassette hidden in it. She plays the cassette and it shows the recording of Ravi's marriage with Jayanthi. Soon she also notices that Ravi has killed her. She calls Ravi and tells him that she found the cassette and she played it. And when he arrives, he admits that he has killed Jayanthi and has escaped. Then he threatens Bhama and tries to kill her as she is his own sister and she has the tape. Bhama escapes from him and soon meets Krishna Murthy. Ravi is killed by Naidu with a gun in the climax. The movie ends with a happy ending of Krishna Murthy and Bhama walking in rain.
Casting: brahmanandam

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