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Rendu Rellu Aaru is once again back (రెండు రెళ్ళు ఆరు )

Rendu Rellu Aaru (రెండు రెళ్ళు ఆరు ) title is once again back. Sai Korrapati is a producer who is unique for his story selection. His victory list includes small scale movies like Andala Rakshasi, Oohalu Gusagusalade , Dikkulu Choodaku Ramayya, Manamantha, Jo Achyutananda and high scale block buster movies like Eega, Legend.

Old Rendu Rellu Aaru is super hit love story with comedy by Jandhyala. Now new Rendu Rellu Aaru is Directed by Nandu Mallela including Story and Screenplay, is light weight cute love story with little emotional touch. In this movie lead pair are new and rest of the team are seniors.

42 seconds Rendu Rellu Aaru teaser is live, with five characters. Two are lead i.e. Anil and Mahima, rest of the are Senior Naresh, Ravi Kale Drushyam fame and Jabardasth - Rocket Raghava. The theme of the movie is presented in this teaser i.e “Don’t try to break the relation which fixed by god (దేవుడు జతపరచిన దాన్ని మనుషులు విడదీయ రాదు)”. Story of this movie is based on this single line. Visuals giving fresh look, positive impression. Audio release on 18th June and from audio company Vel Records.

This film produced by Pradeep Chandra Mohan.A, Presented by Sai Korrapati under the banner Varahi Chalana Chitram with association of DayDream.

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Actress Shilpa Shetty

Senior Actress Dimple Kapadia

Senior Actor Giri Babu