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No one unexpected title for Balayya movie!

Puri Jagannath is the hero Answer comes with a tactic like a Mass, a stylish. Hero Getup and Body Language are all different. If Doubt... 'Paisa vasool' Movie Still Look.Director Puri Jagannath is going to be on Balakrishna in Mark Makeover. Still Man chin is a masse and silly. Balakrishna is the hero of Puri Jagannath under Bhagya Creations banner. Anand Prasad is producing 'Paisa Vasool ' title.

Today is Balakrishna’s Birthday has released the title and his first look posters. Puri said, "Balakrishna, who recently made a series of serious roles, is going to roll out the entertainment.

His dialogues and action episodes fan the title of the story has reached the title. "Balakrishna's birthday is at 2.50 pm and Puri Jagannath will come to live in Facebook," said the producer. Shreya, Muskan, Kaira Dutt is the heroine of the film. Music: Anoop Rubens.

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