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Intinta... was delayed for many reasons , Now 'Raja Meeru Keka'

Revanth explains his long gap between films Yalamanchili Sai Babu, producer of Srirama Rajyam, worked on the marketing of the mythological film. He made his debut with Intinta Annamayya (ఇంటింటా అన్నమయ్య), directed by K. Raghavendra Rao. The film was com- pleted a few years back, but didn't see the light of day. "There are several rea- sons for the delay," says Revanth, adding that the film is now ready for release. "The film is completely done and will be out soon," says Revanth. The actor is coming up with another film Raja Meeru Keka, after a long gap. "I have done a few documentaries related to counterculture and adventure sports. I was also in Nepal for a month during the earthquake to help build temporary houses for people. I even made a documentary on it," he says.

His upcoming film Raja Meeru Keka is about a few friends who hail from middle-class families, and how they deal with problems. "When the bread earner faces problems, the whole family is in trouble. How the friends tackle it, forms the backdrop, “says Revanth about the comic drama.

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